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FUBAR Custom Lures 2.75 Rip Rap




The FUBAR Custom Lures 2.75 Rip Rap is classic lipless crankbait. It’s effective year around, but is exceptional in the Spring and Fall. It has a killer bait fish profile that looks exactly like what bass are feeding on with a custom paint job and 3D eyes that put it over the top. The shape produces a tremendous amount of vibration and a super loud rattle calls the fish out of the grass. Fish it fast or slow, rip it out of vegetation, or across flats, the FUBAR Custom Lures Rip Rap will catch fish all year long. Contact Fubar Custom Lures or order a custom painted lures of your design at no extra charge. You can’t beat that!


• Length:  2.75″
• Weight:  0.625 ounces
• Hooks:  #4 VMC
• Sound: Rattles

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